Griese’s 2-minute drill vs. Philadelphia

I have to admit that I had given up on the Bears vs. Philly yesterday.  I watched the game up until the Bears punted the ball away in the 4th quarter with about 4 minutes left, down 16 – 12.  As a Bears fan, I was happily surprised to later learn that the Bears got the ball back, drove 97 yards, and scored.

And then I read that Griese called his own plays during that last drive because radio communications had gone out.  Hmmm… Bears had a stagnant offense all game, failed to score a touchdown, and then they suddenly can drive 97 yards and score without Turner calling the plays?  And Griese actually managed to use Devin Hester on that drive, too, on a play that wasn’t simply a go-route (he had a 21-yard reception on that drive)!

Why doesn’t Turner call simple slant passes to Hester?  I haven’t seen one yet.  Look at the Patriots offense: most of their passes are mid-range passes where the receiver crosses the middle of the field.  The receivers then turn them into big gains with their speed.  Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Stallworth are all fast guys, but none of them are as fast as Hester or even Bernard Berrian.  Can you imagine what Hester or Berrian might do in the Patriots scheme?

I’m not suggesting, by the way, making Hester go airborne in traffic over the middle; that’s Moose’s job.  I’m simply pointing out that doing something other than WR screen and go-route plays to Hester might be a good idea, and Turner is not doing it.  Hell, I think putting Hester in shotgun and hiking to him is a good idea, too. 

By the way, did you notice that Griese didn’t have the arm to get it to Hester in the first half, when Hester was about three steps ahead of the corner on a go-route?  Underthrew it.