Peter King on homegrown (drafted) teams vs. acquired (by trade or via free agency) teams

Except for his uncanny ability to get candid interviews with NFL players and coaches, Peter King usually fails to impress me.  He’s not bad; he’s just not that good either.  His predictions are (even by his own admission) sometimes just wild speculation, such as the prediction that Vince Young will play this week in Houston regardless of his injury (I own Vince Young in a fantasy league, and luckily I went with my backup, Culpepper, over Young this week; note to fantasy players: do not listen to Peter King’s fantasy advice).

But today, I liked something he wrote in his weekly SI column.  King actually put together a table with the number of players from each draft class of the Miami Dolphins from 1998 to 2003 and how many of those draftees are still on the 53-man roster.  The answer: none.  That’s right, not a single player drafted between 1998 to 2003 is still on the Miami Dolphins, according to King.

This would be informative if he put together some draft stats about other teams, too, and controlled for changes of head coaches.  The only numbers about other teams that King provides is that New England fielded 9 draftees from the 1998 – 2003 drafts.  Perhaps good anecdotal evidence, but not statistical proof by any means.

I’m sure an important determinant of whether players stick around for a long time at one place is consistency at the head coach position.  Miami is right up there with Washington in terms of changing head coaches often.  Control for that, and compare draftees still on the roster for the same team that drafted them: that could offer an informative test of how much building through the draft matters.

Maybe I can do this myself later this week.